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9442 National Wilms Tumor Late Effects Study


National Wilms Tumor Late Effects Study

Associated Conditions

Kidney Cancer

Principal Investigator


Children's Oncology Group

The purpose of this research is to learn more about the possible causes of Wilms tumor and the effects of successful treatment for Wilms tumor. You have been asked to participate in this voluntary study because you had a Wilms tumor and have completed therapy for the tumor. The Late Effects Study is being conducted in order to answer scientific questions and to serve as a resource for Wilms tumor patients and their families. Although most people in this study enjoy good health, some may be at risk for certain health conditions. We are collecting information from as many participants as possible in order to determine if they or their offspring are at risk for adverse medical conditions. If there is more than one case of Wilms tumor in a given family, we plan to work with geneticists to try to estimate heritability and recurrence risks. We would like to answer your questions about possible long-term effects of treatment for Wilms tumor. This is why we are collecting information on health issues and pregnancies.