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The Research Department at the AdventHealth Transplant Institute strategically selects research protocols that offer new or improved treatments that would not otherwise be available for our patients. We are committed to offering our patients the opportunity to access the most current treatments even as they are being developed.

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Transplant Institute

Areas of Focus


  • Advanced Liver Failure
  • Kidney Transplant


  • Advanced Heart Failure
  • Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS)
  • Heart Transplant


  • Advanced Lung Failure
  • Lung Transplant

Featured Clinical Trials

Meet the Team

Our Capabilities

The research department is located within the Transplant Institute on the AdventHealth Campus. We have convenient access to our research participants, investigators and clinical team.

In the multidisciplinary clinic there are 18 fully equipped exam rooms and 2 consult rooms. There is a blood draw station on site with two centrifuges, a -40 freezer and -80 freezer (24-hour monitoring). There is also a procedure and infusion area within the Transplant department. The research area has a large, secure storeroom for study binders, devices, lab kits and other study supplies. In addition to work space for the Research Staff, there is also ample room for monitoring and sponsor visits.

The Investigational Pharmacy is conveniently located across the street. There is direct access to the inpatient and outpatient hospital services where all ancillary services are available to conduct study related activities.