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INPRACTICE: Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN)


INPRACTICE: Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN)


The mission of the AdventHealth Research Institute (AHRI) is to expedite groundbreaking and globally recognized whole-person healthcare research that leverages the scale and diversity of our population. Practice-based research networks (PBRNs) draw on the experience and insight of practicing clinicians to identify and frame research questions whose answers can improve the practice of primary care. By linking these questions with rigorous research methods, PBRNs produce research findings that are immediately relevant to the primary care clinician and more easily translated into everyday practice.


AdventHealth will be a national leader among healthcare systems primary-care PBRNs and will collaborate broadly to execute research studies to advance clinical evidence and improve healthcare outcomes throughout the country.


To improve health and outcomes for our patients by conducting research in primary care settings that leverages the volume, diversity and resources of our organization and the skills, insights, and dedication of our providers.


The AdventHealth PBRN will be a multidisciplinary, collaborative unit supporting the needs of primary care providers, graduate medical education, medical school faculty, and external partners as they design, execute, analyze, and disseminate research studies. The PBRN will promote continuous learning, academic achievement, and scientific research.

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Contact Information

AdventHealth Orlando Practice Based Research Network (PBRN)

Areas of Focus

  • Early Detection and Prevention
  • Treatment of disease and Symptoms
  • Patients Decisions About Healthcare and Practices
  • Continuity and Coordination of Care
  • Organization and Clinical Systems

Meet the Team


Develop an AdventHealth-wide network of primary care practices for innovative research that addresses the institution’s health priorities.

Promote research that transforms primary care.

Disseminate key research findings and data to primary care providers to improve practice.

Create collaborations within primary care, clinical and public health stakeholders.

Increase patient access to innovative research trials and treatments conducted at AdventHealth.