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LLDX1012021 MyLeukoMAP Genomic Survival Prediction Assay


MyLeukoMAP Genomic Survival Prediction Assay

Associated Conditions

Heart Failure

Principal Investigator

Nirav Raval


LeukoLifeDX-My LeukoMAP

Heart failure (HF) can cause other organs to shut down. This process appears to involve the white blood cells of the immune system. Our data show that abnormal gene activation or suppression of white blood cells may be indicative of survival outcomes. Our research focuses on developing a test that can help predict the chances of recovery/non recovery after HF interventions. This test will help diagnose your Functional Recovery Potential (FRP) as a predictor of your long-term survival. This will help your doctors provide you with a more personalized and precise recommendation so that you can make a more informed decision.