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Kapil Kapoor, MD, PhD, FAHA

Kapil Kapoor, MD, PhD, FAHA

Senior Research Scientist

Heart, Lung & Vascular

Kapil Kapoor


Dr. Kapoor is a Senior Research Scientist in the Cardiovascular Research department at AdventHealth Orlando. He is a medical graduate from King George’s Medical College in India, and earned a PhD in Cardiovascular Sciences from Erasmus University Medical Center, Holland, where his doctorate work focused on finding “Novel treatment strategies for Migraine”.

Dr. Kapoor is a former Fellow of the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Sciences at National Institutes of Health and has accomplished additional certifications in Clinical trials and Practice from National Institutes of Health and FDA Regulatory Affairs from School of Public Health, University of Arkansas Medical Sciences. Dr. Kapoor has more than 23 years of contribution to the fields of Cardiovascular and Neuroscience research, with seminal observations in the role of Calcitonin Gene-related peptide in migraine prevention. Dr. Kapoor is a recipient of the Servier Young Investigator Award, from the Institut De Recherches Internationales Servier, France, has received research funding from the NIH and Pharmaceutical sectors, and is published in book chapters and high impact peer reviewed cardiovascular journals. In his role as Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Kapoor collaborates with Physicians, Clinicians and Scientific colleagues, to identify, review, and develop research opportunities that support the objectives of the department.


Adenosine-Induced Atrial Fibrillation During Coronary Angiography and Fractional Flow Reserve Procedures



Education & Training


Cardiovascular Institute, University Medical Center, The Netherlands


Cardiovascular Pharmacology

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